• Studio Goblin

Animators Wanted!

We are looking to expand our list of freelance talent, making it easier for us to reach out when opportunities become available. As Studio Goblin grows, we find ourselves needing a few extra hands once in a while. If you are a freelance animator, we would be interested in hearing from you. Requirements:

  • A strong understanding of, and independent access to, Adobe Animate.

  • Confident character animation skills.

  • The ability to produce hand drawn animation.

Things to consider:

  • We are happy to accept applications from anywhere, however we are a UK based Studio and will be taking time zones into consideration for the sake of communication.

  • If you have other skills such as storyboarding, layouts and backgrounds, sound design, etc. then we would love to see examples.

If interested please email info@studiogoblin.co.uk and title your email 'Animator for Goblin'. If you could also start your email with the following: Link to most recent show reel: LINK Where I am based: LOCATION Followed by anything else you'd like to let us know, including your rates! Please reach out if you have any questions. -Fraser