• Studio Goblin

Animation: your solution to isolation

Everything has been turned on its head. As of a couple of weeks ago Studio Goblin had never worked from home. There was no need, we operated from a central city office in a building full of other passionate local businesses. Now we’re spread a little wider, but we’re adapting fast.

As it stands, it looks as though we’re all going to remain on our heads for quite a while longer. For those creating content it might be that your pipeline has been disrupted (or maybe there aren’t any pipes left at all). Shoots are being postponed or cancelled and cameras are being put away, or in many cases, turned inward.

Marketing’s found a new home. Our homes. Everyday campaigns embrace a ‘webcam-eye view’ of their creators and communities. Whether it be the tethered porthole of the conference call webcam, or it’s freer phone camera cousin, these small rectangular frames are burgeoning with the breadth of ideas we’re forcing through them. Because even if your means has been curtailed, your brand, your message and your mentality won’t have. On both online and broadcast platforms the advertisements we see have begun to adopt this new way of interacting with the world. Imitating the way we now connect to one another is universal shorthand for “we’re all in this together”. And that’s a great message. We believe that limitation breeds creativity. I’m sure that before this is all over these tiny frames, and the expectations that come with them, will be subverted again and again. However before long the ‘web-cam eye view’ will be in danger of morphing from a novelty to a standard.

The standard isn’t for everyone. It looks as though some folks have wasted no time in bucking the trend. And a couple of them have gotten in touch with us. We’ve been lucky. An uptick in inquiries seems to have come from the need to step away from filming and photography to find an alternative. Animation has suddenly become a prime candidate. As a process it remains relatively unaffected. It’s primarily digital and not location dependent. Currently we’re working remotely more effectively than either of us would have guessed, and the creation and delivery of our work remains unchanged. But I wonder how widely this has been realised.

You know where our passion and loyalties lie, and so I won’t feel too guilty in singing the praises of the medium. Conceptually the door is wide open. Far wider than the 16:9 camera view. There isn’t much that can’t be done with animation. There’s a wealth of illustrators and animators worldwide that have the time, potential and drive to work with business and brands to embolden their voice in the current climate. We can take the lens away from the physical and visualise the message itself. It’s an opportunity to foster new relationships and develop new tools. And conversation isn’t a commitment, so I sincerely hope companies across the board begin seeking out and prodding creatives they may otherwise never would.

We wish everyone the best.

And most importantly, stay safe!

By Fraser McNiven

-Animation Director