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There is a lot of great stuff to reflect on here at Studio Goblin. The end of 2019 saw us closing out our first calendar year of business. And it amazes me just how much animation we've managed to cram into that time, as well as how we've come to understand our ability to get stuff done.

We set up shop in October of 2018, and found our feet by that Christmas. The last 12 months have been a hurricane within which we've found a surprisingly international client base, produced a host of original studio content and began to carve out a goblin-shaped hole within the industry at large.

If I were to pull a theme from 2019, it would be "variety". Or perhaps "immersion". The projects that have come our way have ranged from social media ads for Two Blind Brothers, producers of sustainable, tactile clothing geared toward a visually impaired market. To something much closer to home: a character driven campaign commissioned by the Norwich University of the Arts, encouraging student engagement with their support services, acting as a thoughtful response to the ongoing conversation surrounding student mental health here in the UK.

That's the variety. What follows is the immersion. With projects asking us for animated campaigns, segments for online documentaries or identity stings, it’s hard to not become obsessed with the people and projects you’re tasked with representing.

Now we're taking our first steps into 2020 we're emboldened by our experiences and steadily expanding roster of connections. It would be difficult to pick a single resolution to aspire towards, and besides, aspire is too small a word. We're moving forward with intent. And both Luke and I intend to write a 2020 retrospective post that details another year of outstanding projects, outstanding growth, and dynamic animation. 

I'm also going to take this opportunity to introduce this blog as a weekly fixture on the site. Aimed towards clients and creatives alike, we'll be offering an insider's perspective on commissioning animators, working collaboratively and self indulgent digressions into the art of animation. We hope you keep an eye out.

I'll close this post with a few links to some of the exciting things we've been making, and a small call to action: follow along with our projects and processes on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


"The Chaos Signals" - A horrific animated short created for Halloween 2019.

"Spoople Knows" - Short-form animated comedy series.


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Written by Fraser McNiven

-Animation Director